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  • Illinois Industrial University (now UIUC) is established under the Morrill Land Grant Act of 1862. Mr. York, a Ventrue Invictus of dwindling respect in Chicago, changes the placement of the University from Lincoln, IL to Urbana, IL via his contacts in the IL state legislature, and declares himself Prince. The reasons for this have been lost to time.
  • A few years after the creation of IIU, Henry Morneau arrives and establishes himself as Bishop to the fledging domain.
  • Prince York relaxes a traditionally strict policy on Embracing in order to curry favor with new arrivals to Urbana and expand his growing power base.
  • One of these new arrivals is Bastion, a scraggly, unpleasant man who is rumored to have been embraced during the French and Indian War. York assigns him the position of Hound and Bastion joins the Invictus.
  • Altgeld Hall is completed in 1897, and serves as the University library.
  • Because of the growing overpopulation problem, a few vampires (including some of Prince York’s childer) are discovered and slain by mortals.
  • The Illinois Building, center of campus life and personal haven of Prince York, is destroyed in a catastrophic fire around 6 AM. The next evening it is revealed that Bishop Morneau arranged to have the building burnt to the ground with York and several of his childer inside. He claimed to have purged the wickedness of York’s rule from the city, and cited York’s lax embracing policy as proof. Given the recent attacks by mortals, few could disagree.
  • Morneau declares himself Archbishop and claims Urbana for the Lancea Sanctum.
  • With the continuing spread of the Industrial Revolution comes Zavod Karkov, a Dragon. He quickly asserts his dominance in the iron foundries and power plants that are now necessary for modern life.
  • Arthur Carson arrives in Urbana.
  • Protests of the Vietnam War reach into the heart of UIUC. As Archbishop Morneau arranges the construction of steam tunnels under the University that can move a division of National Guard from one end of campus to the other, the heretofore underestimated Carthian movement gathers numbers for a massive protest which will also destabilize Morneau’s iron grip on the city.
  • On the eve of the protests, the Carthians, led by Adam Wells, agree to negotiate with Morneau. Faced with mutually assured destruction, Morneau agrees to divide the city between the Carthians and the Sanctified. The Carthian Movement will be granted regency of Urbana and thereby the University and the Lancea Sanctum will seize control of the rapidly-expanding sister city of Champaign.
  • Adam Wells, along with other Carthians, start to disappear. It is generally assumed that the 1980s disillusioned them to the Movement and they left to start again elsewhere. They are not heard from again.
  • After a long period of little activity or socialization, the kindred community begins to have regular gatherings again.
  • Archbishop Morneau does not make public appearances. His Steward, Adrastos Andreakos, serves as his direct liasion to the kindred community.
  • In December of 2005, the Steward Adrastos Andreakos informed the kindred community that the Archibishop had been assaulted and was in torpor, and that he would be assuming the duties of Prince. The Prince appoints Axel Shepard (Lancea Sanctum) as his Seneschal, and Edward "Sway" Pryor (Carthian) as his Constable. The Harpy position, was occupied by Sykes (Invictus). Primogen from the five Covenants were called "Tribunes".
  • The Highdive, a Daeva-controlled nightclub, becomes an Elysium by the Grace of Prince Andreakos.
  • In March, Dante, a neonate Order Dracul Mekhet, confessed to being a conspirator in the attack on Archbishop Mornaeu and was destroyed for what was the last straw for Prince Adrastos in a string of offenses. He was executed for the crime by his own Primogen, Morgan Chase.
  • Shortly afterwards, Phaedre Beauvier, member of the Invictus and childe of Seneschal Axel Shepard (and grandchilde of the Hound, Bastion), declared Praxis of the domain, accusing Andreakos of being a tyrant and a liar regarding the "attack" of the Archbishop (Dante's name was eventually cleared). She was supported by all Covenants save for the Lancea Sanctum, and while the Knights of the Thorned Wreath did draw weapon in Elysium, it was a bloodless Praxis. Adrastos Andreakos resigned from the position peacefully at the next gathering and was attacked by a deputy that same night, although Beauvier denied claims of an assassination attempt. Adrastos' attendance at gatherings decreased significantly after this attack and once a Sanctified Priscus Harpy was put in place.
  • Prince Beauvier named Carlysle Bartlett (Ordo Dracul) as her Seneschal, "Sway" (Carthian) as her Archon, and kept Sykes (Invictus) in position of Harpy. The Lancea Sanctum, having three members on the priscus council, appointed Mikhail (Lancea Sanctum) as Priscus Harpy, a challenge to the Prince and her Harpy.
  • In July, the Carthian Movement (and most particularly, Sway) and the Invictus Hound, Bastion, began having several violent conflicts. Prince Beauvier announces his temporary banishment, for a period of 6 months.
  • In July, Prince Phaedre Beauvier announced her intention to leave the Invictus to join the Carthian Movement. This caused some turmoil within City (and cross-city) politics, but no blood was spilt over her decision.
  • In July, Phaedre banished Sykes from her domain (making Mikhail sole Harpy of the domain) for "his willfully committed sins against this city and my reign, and for his recent attack on my person", as she said in a public missive.
  • In August, Phaedre Beauvier ceded Praxis of the domain to her Advisors. The ruling body of the domain became a republic comprised of one elected officer of each of the five covenants. How these Senators are elected was up to their covenants as long as the elected representative is a citizen of the domain. A 4/5ths majority was required to pass any laws or judgements, and the Senate had all the powers of a traditional Praxis holder. Phaedre Beauvier became First Citizen, and had the right to grant citizenship, and effect the social standing of the citizens. Rumor had it that the main reason she ceded Praxis was because she had begun to go insane. All banishments under her reign were lifted, and Sykes and Bastion returned to the city.
  • In September, two Carthians, Kelly "KY" Yearwood and Edward "Sway" Pryor defenestrated Constable Nathan Davies (they threw him out of an Elysium window and proceeded to beat him into torpor on the Elysium lawn). This sparked a domain-wide debate on the spirit vs. the letter of the ancient law of Elysia, and what was/was not considered to be sacred ground.
  • In October, the domains of Champaign-Urbana, Chicago, and Danville attended a Daeva - hosted "Masquerade Ball". Bastion returns from his banishment and kills elder Carthian "Adam Wells". The Carthians attempt a counter-attack on Bastion at his haven and fail. The council tables the issue after the Carthians enter the Council meeting abruptly and demand justice
  • The Primogen Council makes subtle changes and allows for officers to have a vote in the absence of a Primogen
  • Horatio Grueden becomes the new first Citizen
  • Holy Cross church, the city's oldest Elysium building, is burned down by E.C. Featherby, a Chicago Invictus
  • In early 2007, the domain was troubled by a quartet of neonate Unaligned (called the "Soma" Crew) and the threat of hunters. Investigation linked Unaligned Mekhet Matt Miller to both groups. Furthermore, the Unaligned in the City occupied themselves by petitioning for having a say in City politics. This effort was led by Dr. Alfred Lanning, who shortly thereafter joined the Ordo Dracul.
  • In early 2007, the Ordo Dracul attempted some kind of ritual cleansing or tampering with a "nexus" of leylines that lies at the Urbana Free Library in Carthian-controlled Urbana. Some part of the ritual went awry, and the "gate" between this world and the next was opened - resulting in a sudden influx of escaped ghosts prowling around the domain of Urbana-Champaign. First Citizen Horatio Grueden was torpored and Primogen Carlysle Bartlett was banished for their involvement in the Masquerade breach. Phaedre Beauvier disappeared the same night that the "nexus" ritual occurred.
  • In spring, members of the Council discussed taking action against Primogen Axel Shepherd, whom some considered a figurehead Prince. As an attempt to spur the Council to action, Axel was stabbed with the spear of Longinus by Carthian Jodie Calhoun during a Lancea gathering. The assassination attempt failed, and Axel fled, and shortly afterward called a blood hunt on Jodie. However, Notary/Primogen Richard Corrigan sent a missive to the domain, claiming that Primogen Axel Shepard ruled as a "dark shadow" on the domain, and announced that he was bloodhunted by the rest of the Council. However, after the initial bloodhunts, the Council acted as it always had since its implementation: members bickered and changed their minds. Shortly afterwards, both bloodhunts were declared null and void, and Jodie Calhoun declared Praxis of Urbana (not the rest of the domain) for the Carthian Movement, claiming that a republic would be instituted there.
  • Summer: Kincaid, an Invictus Knight originally from Danville, declared Praxis over the domain of Champaign-Urbana. Archon Sway and Jodie Calhoun contested his praxis, and Kincaid decided that he would take on all contesters to his claim at once. He was executed.
  • Summer: Prince Ezpata of Danville executed Gorn Talmon and Phaegan Sykes while they were visiting his domain, citing that their crime was the murder of former Champaign Constable, Nathan Davies.
  • Summer: Archon Sway declares Praxis over Champaign-Urbana. Axel Shepard disappears from the domain. Prince "Sway" Pryor's officers are: Carlysle Bartlett (Ordo), Seneschal; Mikhail al-Nassinray (Sanctified), Harpy; Allen McAllister (Ordo), Marshall; and Adam Wilkes (Crone), Scourge.
  • Marie-Sophie du Chatelet, a relative newcomer to the City and member of the Ordo Dracul, becomes Priscus Harpy.
  • Primogen Jodie Calhoun declares that "no sorcery" is allowed in Urbana.
  • Prince Pryor implements a decree which demonstrates a marked difference in the rights of citizens vs. non-citizens. Non-citizens must stand in the presence of the Prince at all times, may not feed in any of the City's "racks", and their words are worth half of any citizen's.
  • Fall: The Crone in charge of mending the spirit hole created (at the nexus) in the springtime promises to fix it "once and for all". They seem to fix it successfully, but there is some resulting backlash with various "sites of power" that begin to temporarily crop up around the domain. It then appears that the nexus isn't completely closed, so the Crone begin working on the problem yet again. Prince Pryor seeks to find the former Archbishop Morneau and former Prince Andreakos for questioning related to the portal/nexus. Adrian Cortez, a member of the Lancea Sanctum, refuses to reveal their location, is torpored and stripped of citizenship.
  • Fall: Phaedre Beauvier returns. Harpy Mikhail al-Nassinray is not seen for some time.
  • Fall: Priscus Harpy Marie-Sophie du Chatelet announces her intention to leave the Ordo Dracul for the Carthian Movement. This causes several members of the Ordo Dracul frenzy, nearly creating a domain-wide brawl.
  • Winter: Prince Pryor makes a decree further differentiating citizen ranks, placing restrictions on less respected citizens, and empowering more respected citizens. During the same gathering, KY, a Carthian, kills Alfred Lanning, a member of the Ordo Dracul, during a gathering held by Scourge Adam Wilkes. The year draws to a close with calls for punishment for the crime.
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