Landon Kane

Gangrel Priscus

Background: A young high school boy who was first used by his sire to push drugs through the local high schools, Landon was later embraced into the Gangrel Clan only to learn his family was really part of a Lupine pack. Now his world is torn between the scheming world of the Kindred, the savage traditions of his Gangrel Clan, and the Lupine packs that hunt him under the full moon.

Quotes from Landon Kane:
(during a combat with a spirit emerging from a portal)

Landon - "What the hell are you doing down here?"
Marie Sophie - "You didn't expect us to let you die down here did you?"
Landon - "I'm a Gangrel, we never die!
Marie Sophie - "How was I suppose to know!?!"
"It is a bad moon for me to be trying this…"

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