Letters To The Domain

Characters can post letters to the domain in this article.

Special Announcement: Red Zero

OOC: There is a message in chalk in an alley next to Bolitini's in downtown Champaign. Next to it there is a red zero made in red chalk.

Kindred Spirits:

Spinoza and Rousseau, Voltaire and Marx — human beings all, and UNDIMMED in their brilliance. Unstained, they SPOKE to us, and we hearkened to their words because we knew them to be PURE and TRUE. It should not be any other way.

This Movement was founded on a FRANK and TOTAL admiration for the changing ways of the world and our desire to remain a part of it. But keeping pace is difficult for us because we are not creatures of change — we are POISONED by stagnation and we carry it with us. Everything we touch, everything we bring into our long nights is SUFFUSED with it and GRINDS to a halt in our rapacious presence. There are those among us that IMAGINE they can guide the thinkers of the world, make friends with them and encourage their development. But that encouragement is FALSE, it is DOOMED to fail because of our CURSE and we can't allow it to continue. The world will never grow if we attach ourselves to its brightest and best, dragging them down to our level even if we only INTEND to help.

Our friends and compatriots will not listen to REASON. They are lost in fantasies of life, hoping to recapture their days gone by. But that which is CAPTURED is never FREE and human beings pay the price. If these people cannot be swayed with talk, then we have no choice but to make WAR!

DEATH to the TOXIC tyrants over living purity! DEATH to the MANIPULATORS of free thought! We are the ANTI-OBSTRUCTIONIST ARMY, and we are among you!

OOC: Mortals reading this do not seem alarmed, and at best, seem mildly amused. Next to this announcement there is a message saying "STFU, Emo!"


Wednesday, November 28, 2007:

Dear citizens and resident guests of the Domain of Champaign,

As the needs of our Domain are many and the number of city officers are few
the development of additional infrastructure is often needed to expand the
ability of the Prince's Court to respond more thoroughly to the increasing
number of threats against our Domain and the citizens within it.

As such, with the authority vested in me by Prince Pryor as well as the
Domain at large, I have seen it fit to appoint the Mekhet Priscus Matthew
Miller to office as an acting Sheriff of the Domain. In this capacity he
will act with an extension of my authority. He will assist in investigations
into potential threats against the stability of the Domain and the safety of
its Citizens. He will organize investigative efforts as necessary and report
back directly to myself. He is to be respected as I am respected. When the
need arises he has the authority to Deputize investigators on a case-by-case
basis is to be obeyed as I am obeyed.

Aside from that, remember…

I can count the things I care about on one hand. They are…

1 - The Sanctity of the Traditions
2 - The Security of this Domain
3 - The Stability of this Domain

Anything else is fair game, but threaten any of those three things and I
will not hesitate to make your personal business my personal business. When
that happens I'm generally inclined to take "punitive damages" at leisure.


Marshall Allen McAllister

Saturday, October 26th, 2007:

Fellow kindred of the domain,

Upon consideration, I would first like to congratulate the Prince on having influence and esteem such that the entire Priscus Council would publicly recant their positions of hours prior, subjecting their own harpy to embarrassment before the domain. It is surely indicative of his stature. (OOC: status +1 to Sway)

Secondly, I would like to express my concern as to the recent conduct of Harpy Mikhail. In one evening, he spread slanderous rumours that the prisciI were staging a political coup, accused at least two individuals publicly and falsely of treason, and attacked an advisor physically, going against the ordinances of the prince. I would hope that many of you would similarly express your displeasure. (OOC: status -1 to Mikhail.)

On another note, as I was not allowed to speak as the hostess at the end of the gathering last night, let me say that it was once again a pleasure to have all of you at the Galerie Transcendee, and some of you at the High Dive. I enjoyed getting to know some of you better, and particularly enjoyed meeting newcomers to the domain. Please do come see me at the gallery again if you are in the area.

Marie-Sophie du Chatelet

Thursday, August 9, 2007:

From the desk of Marshall McAllister:
Dear Citizens,

As customs vary from Domain to Domain and the roles of Domain Officials
differ from officer to officer so, too, does my defined role of Marshall
stray slightly from the roles of Archon Sway and Constable Davies who
preceded me.

As I have already stated, I consider my primary duties to be upholding the
Traditions, providing security and enforcing the stability of the Domain.
Hopefully these are duties you already understand and expect and it
shouldn't be much of a change.

In the course of performing these duties I have been granted the following

The Right of Destruction

If someone has violated a Tradition, threatens the security of the Domain or
threatens the stability of the Domain it is within my right to…

A - …take a them into custody and escort them to the Prince.
B - If they resist, I have the right to take them by force.
C - If taking them by force should prove problematic, I have the right to
drop them into torpor at the risk of the suspect's final death.
D - If final death is the most effective means to put an end to their
resistance or the threat they pose then I have that right as well.

The Extension of Authority

Rather than asking for the traditional authority to appoint a handful of
kindred as standing Deputies, I have asked for (and have been granted) the
authority to deputize any member of the Domain as I see fit as the need

I would, of course, prefer willing and enthusiastic assistance to the
grudging toil of unwilling conscripts. However, I will not hesitate to draft
citizens in a crisis. Of course, as citizens of the Domain you will be
expected to comply with such crisis-related requests should the Domain have
need of you.

As such, I hereby see fit to use this power to create two sub-offices which
I will populate as necessary. Membership will vary from time to time as
different skills or characteristics .

Sheriffs - Essentially a half-step between traditional Sheriffs and
Deputies. My Sheriffs will wield an extension of my authority save only the
following differences. They do not have the authority to appoint other
Sheriffs though they may appoint Deputies as circumstances dictate. A
Sheriff's authority to wield the Right of Destruction is limited. Their
authority to apprehend suspects only extends to "C" above and they may not
deliberately destroy a suspect without my direct consent or the direct
consent of the Prince.

Deputies - Essentially temporary officers appointed on a task-by-task basis.
When deputized, a task is assigned and when the task is complete the title
goes away. Deputies do not have the authority to appoint anyone, may not
wield the Right of Destruction and do not possess the authority to apprehend
suspects unless directly ordered to do so. However, they do report directly
to me and/or the Sheriff that appointed them. Failing to comply with their
needs will be noted and will have consequences.

A few temporary appointments will be announced shortly. More lasting
appointments will be announced pending due consideration.

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