Fear is a powerful weapon and no one can wield it like a Nosferatu. Even at their best these "Haunts" exude a feeling of dread that at best makes even other Kindred uneasy, and at their worst they can drive a man to madness or even death using their discipline of Nightmare. The Nosferatu are frequently outcasts from polite Kindred society, perhaps because of their eerie presence or perhaps because the Kindred of the other clans don't like to be reminded how monsterous they truly are.

Note: Information contained here is based on public knowledge of a character's clan association.

Nosferatu of Note

Eddie "Sway" Pryor

Prince of the Champaign-Urbana Domain. Nosferatu.

So, what's your gimmick? What is it that makes you…special?

Portrayed by David

Reverend Samuel Parris

Ordained in the Lancea Sanctum. Nosferatu.
Portrayed by Jeff Bielawski

Former Nosferatu

Thomas "Scar" Adams

Portrayed by Bobby Chamberlain

Alfred Lanning


Now allow me to feast upon that that has lived longer than normal.

Portrayed by Bert Thorndike
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