Notices From The Prince

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007:


The next five gatherings will be hosted by the covenants. I want each
covenant show what they believe and how they relate to the other covenants.

I'd like each covenant to coordinate with Seneschal Bartlett about when they
will host in the future. I also need a volunteer to host this Friday. I
will accept the first to announce their intentions to host publicly.

The covenant helps me in this matter will find that I will be more generous
about accepting their non-citizens than usual.

Non citizens: I know some of you deserve to be citizens, and I understand
your frustrations. As a result, my Seneschal will be speaking to you and
your Advisors at the next gathering, and will be making recommendations to

All that is required is for it to be shown that you will be an asset to the
domain in some fashion. If you haven't already, please speak to your
Advisors so that they can vouch for you.

There will be other announcements later, but I'll say this one now: I am
not "Sway", and even those closest to me know better than to call me that in
public. I expect to be addressed by proper title from now on.

-Prince Pryor

Monday, October 29th, 2007:


Not all of you are equal in the eyes of the domain. Some have proven
themselves more than others and that will be reflected in future
gatherings. You do not have to agree with those higher on the social
ladder, but you will show them the respect they deserve. Also, my officers
will take this into account in most things.

In descending rank, but no order within the same rank:

I am the most Admired citizen within the domain.

The domain's Harpies have not yet chosen who is to be highly respected
within the domain.

The domain sees the following people as Valued, those who have achieved more
than being recognized and made themselves essential to the community.

Seneschal Carlysle Bartlett
Marshall Allen McCallister
Advisor Richard Corrigan
Advisor Jodie Calhoun
Adam Kingston
Alfred Lanning
Erys Grimm

The domain sees these individuals higher than your typical citizen

Harpy Mikhail al-Nasraniy
Harpy Marie-Sophie du Chatelet
Scourge Adam Wilkes
Kelly Yearwood
Brianna Masters
Sirius Grimm
Alexander Sonataine
Matt Miller
Landon Kane
Morgan Chase

These citizens are allowed to sit, but have not proven themselves

Phaedre Beauvier
Draco Grimm
Darius Masters
JC Masters
Celeste Masters
Alexander Stark
Ian Steinburg
Natalie Rose Anderson
Ted Drumheller
Christopher Lister
Maxwell Templeton
Jane Peppercorn
Miles Abby
Samuel Parris

The domain does not recognize the internal hierarchy of coteries. For
example, it is widely accepted that Darius Masters is the leader of the
Masters coterie. However, in the eyes of the domain Brianna is it's leader
and her words carry more weight. The drawback is that she is held to a
higher standard.

Wait, I'm not on the list!
If you are not on this list, you are either not a citizen, or have not
announced yourself. Show the domain why you are useful and speak to your
Advisor to recommend you for citizenship. Contrary to popular belief, there
are multiple routes to becoming a citizen.

This is too much to memorize!
If you do not want to memorize where people stand, I recommend you know who
is above you so you do not insult them or take extra care not to insult

What do I do if I want to change where I am?
Make yourself known and useful. Yes, good deeds do stack up. To use Darius
as an example again, after hosting a very successful gathering, he is closer
to being Recognized than Alexander Stark.

This is not a punishment. You should want to respect these people naturally
for what they have done. This is also not a new system, it is one of the
foundations of Kindred society and a way to make beasts more civilized.

-Prince Pryor

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