Power. The Kindred of Clan Ventrue cultivate it in as many forms as you can imagine: money, land, servants, contacts, political sway, oil, law, church, industry, telecommunications, slave trade. You name it and somewhere there's a Ventrue either controlling it or ready to take control should the need arise. While they see themselves as the rightful Lords of the night, they seem to become exceedingly eccentric as the centuries take their toll on the Ventrue mind.

Note: Information contained here is based on public knowledge of a character's clan association.

Ventrue of Note

Maxwell Templeton

Priscus of Clan Ventrue. Advisor for the Invictus. Ventrue.

I am the Alder Baron Maxwell of House Templeton, Speaker of the First Estate. Who are you?

Portrayed by Jordan Hawker

Marie-Sophie du Chatelet

[[[Seneschal]] of the Champaign-Urbana Domain. Ventrue.
Portrayed by Malia Appleford

Francoise delaCroix

Portrayed by Katie

Mikhail al-Nasraniy

Portrayed by Joshua Birk

Richard Corrigan

Notary for the Champaign-Urbana Domain. Ventrue
Portrayed by Tim Kuehlhorn

Christopher Lister

Portrayed by Mike Seibert

Ethan Byers

Portrayed by Tyler Shobe

Former Ventrue

Adrastos Andreakos

Portrayed by Mike Bohlmann

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